Chagos- An Archipelago of Damaged Goals and Geopolitics of Relevance.

The Chagos is a small archipelago with 60 islands located at nearly 434 nautical miles from the Maldives to its south. The geopolitics of relevance of this politically obscured piece of land could be simply comprehended by means of the presence of a US Army base on the biggest island of this archipelago i.e., Diego Garcia. For the reason that Chilly Conflict period, the Chagos archipelago has been a necessary asset for the US for energy projection within the Indian Ocean area which has now attracted worldwide consideration for being known as a “continuation of colonial crimes by UK and USA” by Human Proper Watch (HRW).

Earlier being a part of British Indian Ocean Territory, Chagos was separated from the colonies of Mauritius and Seychelles to create a military-specific space which was then leased to the USA for a length of fifty years together with an extra extension of 20 years. The lease resulted in 2016 nevertheless, the extension on the lease has been used to stretch it until 2036. In 1965, your entire archipelago earlier than being leased out to the USA was forcefully depopulated of the native Chagossian individuals who have been compelled to settle in numerous elements of the world. Mauritius after gaining independence in 1968 has been continuously combating to obtain the Chagos archipelago in its territorial management which was reaffirmed below the 2019 ruling of the Worldwide Court docket of Justice as nicely.

Geopolitics and Chagos in Indian Ocean.
Picture credits- Walter Ladwig et al., 2010

The Geopolitics and Indian Dilemma

India nevertheless, in a roundabout way concerned within the disaster that fell upon the Chagossian individuals has a vital position in why a army base was developed at Diego Garcia on the peak of the chilly warfare. The years earlier than the USA even deliberate to develop a army base, two essential worldwide occasions shook your entire world i.e., Cuban Missile Disaster and Indo-Sino Conflict, in 1962. It was then PM Jawahar Lal Nehru who requested help from Washington led below President J F Kennedy. Nonetheless, even earlier than aerial help within the type of “US KITTY HAWKS” may attain India, a unilateral ceasefire was introduced. In a fast-paced period of explosive competition through the chilly warfare the place delays may imply a heavy and unrecoverable drawback to any facet or each side. Quick ahead to the modern state of affairs, Diego Garcia is but once more essential for the US-led geopolitical mechanisms to discourage Chinese language growth within the area which is essential for India as nicely. Mauritius itself has reiterated repeatedly that American presence in Diego Garcia is appropriate to them and the supply to additional the lease to 99 years has been made on a number of accounts. The one non-negotiable demand is the return of Chagos to Mauritius which even India has supported.   

Chagossian people protesting in the UK.
Credit- The Guardian, {Photograph}- Fiona Hanson

The Dream of Homeland for Chagossian

Briefly, numerous events’ curiosity has been mentioned however the precise stakeholders are nowhere to be seen on the desk. It has been many many years of struggling, humiliation, and separation in circumstances of utter poverty in international lands for Chagossians which finally could be learn from how Human Proper Watch describes it as “racial persecution in addition to blockage of return” of Chagossian. Despite the fact that most of the Chagossian individuals combating to discover a approach again residence are born with none reminiscence of what their residence appeared or felt like, nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish their enthusiasm to boost voices for an agenda very near their group. The precise agenda was and remains to be ignored the place geopolitical benefit triumphs over the curiosity of some thousand natives compelled to stay a life away from their houses. The silence, in addition to the obscurity of those information, makes it much more insufferable on the conscience of Worldwide Civil Society and different accountable businesses.